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Laughing Planet + KWNK 97.7FM = 💚🎺🌯🎼🥁🥗📻

We’re excited to announce that we recently became a local business sponsor and partner of KWNK Community Radio.

KWNK is a non-profit radio station that champions music and ideas through community-driven, non-commercial radio in Reno and beyond.

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Live Jazz Jams on the Radio & Interwebs

Every other Wednesday this summer, straight out of our University location on 10th & Virginia St., KWNK will be broadcasting Laughing Planet’s jazz jams live on 97.7FM + 🎷📻🎺

The first live broadcast is this Wednesday, July 10th. Come check it starting around 7:30 p.m. We also have new food menu items for the summer that your soul, tastebuds and tummies are bound to enjoy with the 🎼! Entrance to the summer jazz jams are FREE/GRATIS!

Community radio is made possible through direct community support

Without you, the KWNK station is not sustainable. If you would like to support our community partners, KWNK 97.7FM, please consider becoming a member today!




Our mission is simple, fuel a healthy planet through healthy food.

Laughing Planet is a cafe dedicated to changing the planet one burrito at a time! We serve healthy food to fuel healthy thinking, healthy thinking fuels ideas that change the world. That is what we are all about. We want to improve education, environment and our planet.