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Craft beer 101


You’re sitting at the bar as your friend orders a drink you aren’t particularly familiar with. You nod your head and raise your glass because you don’t want to be that person. You know, the odd one out who isn’t aware of the new trend. In recent years, craft beer has gained popularity, becoming many Mid Town goers drink of choice. So who is this new player in the game, you might ask? Here is what you need to know, to know your beer.

What is Craft Beer?

In the simplest terms, craft beer is made in a non-mechanized manner. Brewers take pride in their products, as each individual beer is special in it’s own way. Craft beer is made in small breweries, giving each beer a one of a kind taste. If asked to describe itself in 3 words, craft beer would choose diverse, independent, and above all quality.

Craft Beer’s Beginnings

“Craft” beer received its name in the UK in the 1970’s when small local breweries were focused on their independence from major pub chains. Craft beer was introduced to its now close friend, America in the late 1980’s. As of 2013, 2,768 craft breweries exist in this beer loving country.

So, who’s brewing?

American craft brewers are known for their traditional and innovative ways. Brewers take pride in their authentic ingredients and fermentation. (For those who are not knowledgeable on beer terms fermentation is the breakdown of a substance by microorganisms, which lead to the creation of your brew).

Laughing Planet Café serves beer brewed right down the street. A few of these brewers include Under the Rose Brewing, Pigeon Head Brewery, Great Basin Brewing, Drink Two Bald Guys, and Tahoe Brewing.

To Craft or to Not Craft

Walking up to the bar, ready to take on a cold one (or a couple) you are presented a choice to make: to craft beer or to not craft beer, that is the question. Each glass of craft beer aims to bring character to a drink, and more importantly authenticity in a taste.

Now that you have the inside of this new craze, we hope next time you decide whether or not to craft, you push the normal boundaries of your typical go to drink and embrace the revolution. Craft on and craft safely.

Mark your Calendars:


Whether you’re a craft beer lover, or if you just want to support your local breweries, Reno Craft Beer Week is back. The second annual Craft Beer Week will be from May 14-23, 2016. More information regarding events will be released closer to the date


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