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Composting @ All Reno Locations

How are we keeping the planet healthy, happy and laughing?

Laughing Planet staff standing next to electric van filled with weekly compost from Reno locations
Our awesome staff doing the weekly compost rounds

We’re composting! 🥕🥬💥

Weekly, we drive our electric van to drop off our compost to Reno Food Systems, where they use it to grow the veggies we use in our food! How cool is that?

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What do you do to reduce your impact on our planet? Let us know on our Instagram feed! 🥰🌎

Electric van filled with compost bins
Our weekly compost from all Reno locations gets dropped of at Reno Food Systems


Our mission is simple, fuel a healthy planet through healthy food.

Laughing Planet is a cafe dedicated to changing the planet one burrito at a time! We serve healthy food to fuel healthy thinking, healthy thinking fuels ideas that change the world. That is what we are all about. We want to improve education, environment and our planet.