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What is Laughing Planet about?

By Hannah Sarret

Published:May 03, 2019

At Laughing Planet we have three major pillars: sustainability, community, and health and wellness. We work on sustainability to keep Earth in shape, community to make Earth a better place, and health and wellness to keep this wonderful planet, with all of its vibrant life, healthy!

Laughing Planet Reno Team – First & Second Year


We want to keep our planet in the best shape we can, so naturally we care about sustaining Earth. For starters, we have a free electric charging station for vehicles at our Midtown location so you can charge while you dine. We also drive an electric van to transport ingredients to our University location and to make compost runs. The less gas we use sourcing our food the less we are contributing to climate change, minimizing our collective carbon footprint. We start our sourcing local, then regional or as far as Tim, our Brand and Community Engagement Manager, can ride a bike in one day (which is really far). We work with programs like the Distributors of Regional, Organic, Produce and Products (DROPP) which helps regional farmers sell their products to restaurants and people so they can focus on growing the tastiest ingredients around. By helping this program, we are helping farmers understand what products to grow and how to sell them. We also do fundraisers to support the community. One example is Urban Roots, an organization that educates kids in elementary and middle school how to grow food and garden. Urban Roots is all about “teaching kids that food does not come from a grocery store.”


To us, community means bringing the whole world together, gross human engagement. We have involved ourselves in multiple projects and charity events to help the community grow and prosper. Some ways we accomplish this are hosting jazz nights, Thought on Tap, and feeding sports teams at the University. We host jazz nights every Wednesday so students have a place to perform in front of an audience. Our tip jar from jazz night goes to fund professional musicians to come play and perform with students. We host the women’s volleyball and soccer teams at UNR for pregame meals. We love hosting the Humanities Department at UNR so they can engage with us about important hot button topics in the world.

Health and Wellness

Finally, we are passionate about health. Healthy food fuels healthy people which inspires healthy thinking which encourages a healthy planet. That is what we are about. We want people to make healthy choices and nourish their bodies so they can contribute something wonderful to this planet. We only source the best, local ingredients to provide the best food at a fair price for our customers, friends and lovely humans!

Diagram of how we source ingredients at Laughing Planet
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Global Flavors, Local Ingredients.

We're committed to the neighborhoods that surround our restaurants, to local food growers, and to the highest quality incredients we can find. Fresh, local, healthy and delicious! Learn more about our guiding pillars.