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We’re back!

By Hannah Sarret

Published:March 08, 2019

Did you miss us? We thought so.. we decided to bring our blog back! Laughing Planet Reno is ready to change the world one healthy meal at a time. Healthy food fuels a healthy world. And who doesn’t want to change the world? Here we do it one burrito at a time, whether it be donating food to underprivileged children, sports teams or sponsoring charity events, we are more than just your local restaurant.

We have been working on some fun events like jazz night, Thought on Tap, poetry nights and concerts! Here, you can find all the latest info on events, weekly specials and what Laughing Planet is up too. Come swing by!


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We're committed to the neighborhoods that surround our restaurants, to local food growers, and to the highest quality incredients we can find. Fresh, local, healthy and delicious! Learn more about our guiding pillars.