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Reopening Guidelines: Dining Room and Patios

By Manny Becerra

Published:August 13, 2020

First off: Let’s remain kind to one another—we’re all humans living through 2020.

When it comes to reopening our dining room and patios, we prefer to err on the side of caution for the safety of our guests and staff. We appreciate your patience and hope you order online or over the phone.

Laughing Planet's Reopening Guidelines during COVID-19
Laughing Planet’s Reopening Guidelines
  • Mask: No shoes, no shirt, no mask—no service
  • Social Distance: Do your best to stand six (6) feet apart
  • Pickups: Please pickup your order at our designated tables
  • Bathrooms are temporarily closed to the public. Please plan accordingly. 🚽🧻🧴

Order Online: Pickup in-person or have it delivered!

In the meantime, give our Midtown or Laughing Planet University location a ring for your next meal or place an online order (preferred). We also have an iPhone app to place your food orders that you can download here.

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