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Let’s finish the semester off strong!

Semester End Jazz Recitals

Finally come get your groove on with the semester end jazz recitals May 10th, free admission and all humans welcome. Let’s jam!

Thought on Tap

Thought on Tap will be finishing up the semester on May 9th at 5:30 pm with the topic of  “The Role of the Humanities in the Sciences and New Technology.” The discussion will be facilitated by Carlos Mariscal and feature a panel of experts who will discuss the role of the humanities in artificial intelligence, genetics, robotics, and other new technologies.

$3 Finals Support Burrito

Come on in and grab some final support! The Finals Support burrito consists of smart black beans, steamed spinach, brown rice, cheddar cheese and pico del gallo. These ingredients offer healthy brain food needed to pass finals. The whole idea behind the Finals Support burrito is to support students on their finals and supply them with affordable brain food…and they are only $3, you’re welcome! Get them while they are hot, May 8th – 15th.




Our mission is simple, fuel a healthy planet through healthy food.

Laughing Planet is a cafe dedicated to changing the planet one burrito at a time! We serve healthy food to fuel healthy thinking, healthy thinking fuels ideas that change the world. That is what we are all about. We want to improve education, environment and our planet.