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Gas is so yesterday, hop on the EV!

Happy Earth Day! We, here, at Laughing Planet want to save the planet. We try to find little things we can do as a business to protect our lovely environment. One of the many things we do to protect the environment is use an electric van instead of a traditional combustible vehicle to bring food and supplies from our commissary team up to the University location. We also do a once a week haul of our collected compost out to the Reno Food Systems Farm in the EV.

Our EV is built on a normal gasoline powered 1991 GMC one ton rated van. It’s kind of a dinosaur in the EV world. It transformed into an electric vehicle about 18 years ago through the Physics department at the University of Nevada. It now has a 2200 pound battery pack of NiCad batteries. They use an alkaline electrolyte known as Potassium Hydroxide or KOH.

The best part is we don’t buy any gas, take the time at the pumping station, change the oil, or get smog checks. The maintenance is minimal. We do not emit any greenhouse gasses when driving. We just plug it in at our charging station at our Midtown location!


Come check out our EV and charging station at Laughing Planet Midtown.

The charging station is provided free-of-charge to our customers while dining in our restaurant.


Our mission is simple, fuel a healthy planet through healthy food.

Laughing Planet is a cafe dedicated to changing the planet one burrito at a time! We serve healthy food to fuel healthy thinking, healthy thinking fuels ideas that change the world. That is what we are all about. We want to improve education, environment and our planet.