Good for the world. Better for your body.

Brushfire Literature and Arts Journal Release Party 🎶🎉🥗🌯💯

By Manny Becerra

Published:December 03, 2019

On Thursday, Dec. 12th, at at our University location — on the corner of 10th and Virginia — we have the privilege of hosting Brushfire’s Literature & Arts Journal Release Party!! Festivities kickoff near 7:30pm – come on by!

The party will include: art, music, poetry & spoken word. And, of course, we’ll be serving LP’s delicious food: good for the world. Better for your body. 🎶🎉🥗🌯💯

As a side note, on Dec. 12th, prior to the Brushfire release party, we’ll also be hosting the last Thought on Tap discussion for the decade at 5:30pm, which will focus on: Future Visions of Work & Money. After this month, Thought on Tap will resume in 2020 near February/March.

The Brushfire is the art and literature publication of the University of Nevada, Reno. The Brushfire accepts submissions from students and community members alike! Learn more at

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